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Human resources are among the most valuable resources any business can have. Without the right leaders and employees, even the best business ideas can fail. Effective recruitment is therefore essential for getting a new business up and running and encouraging growth.

A well thought out hiring strategy can help any business reach its full potential. Such a strategy requires the business to analyse its business needs, identify its long term plans, and source the right candidates to help it achieve its business objectives.

You can learn more about my history as a successful business owner and manager by visiting the Ahmed Dahab LinkedIn page. The embedded infographic outlines the top three characteristics that professional recruitment consultants look for when filling virtually any role.

A good recruitment strategy has several stages of preparation.

Job Description

A detailed job description helps to ensure that applicants are suited to the position, have the relevant experience, and are more likely to be enthusiastic about the role should they be successful. A good description lays out everything the job entails, including skills required, hours to be worked, responsibilities, necessary experience, and any on-the-job training that will be provided. If a candidate is deemed appropriate, the recommended background checks should be completed, which includes checking references and verifying qualifications.

Shorter Recruitment Cycles

There are multiple proven benefits to shorter recruitment cycles, including attracting a better quality of candidate, improvements in performance, increased profitability, and reduced attrition. A definition of HR attrition can be seen in the short video attachment.

Urgent human resource demands may therefore need to be outsourced to gain the most benefits.

Branding and Culture

The best employees are not necessarily those that have the most experience or the best qualifications. They are often those that have enough relevant experience and qualifications to be able to do the job, combined with the right personality to fit into the culture and brand ideals of the business.

The best employers actively manage areas such as social media channels where they might connect with potential new employees, ensuring their brand image is coherent and strong across all these platforms. Employees are increasingly looking for employment that feels like the right fit for them, rather than just basing their choice on salary.

Some of the top benefits of building a brand image via social media are explored in the PDF attachment to this post.