Ahmed Dahab created his first business before he was 20. Over the years he has created, established and managed businesses in several different sectors, such as Star Neighbourhood and Right Brain in the real estate development sector. Now living in the UK as a successful businessman, he is currently preparing to launch an IPO in the London Stock Market. This is his story.

London Stock Exchange Group

Current Business Ventures

Currently, several of Ahmed Dahab’s 49 companies are preparing to enter the London Stock Market, including:

Bo-Dahab Tmas

A marketing services and consultancy company.

Right Brain

Real estate management and development company.

Twenty Percent

Jordanian company based in amman
provide financial brokerage and marketing

Expert Development

A real estate brokerage company based in the United Arab Emirates.

Recovery Marketing

Offers Marketing and Call Center Services.

Star Neighbourhood

A real estate brokerage company based in the United Arab Emirates.
Ahmed Dahab

Building a conglomerate

Ahmed Dahab is an astute businessman and entrepreneur. He currently has 49 businesses and lives within the United Kingdom.

Through the years, he has constructed a conglomerate that stretches across the United Kingdom and various European countries , including France, Germany and Spain and all the way to Turkey, the USA, Dubai, Kuwait and Turkey.

The next stage of his project will be to merge 16 of his 49 businesses into one company, with the intention of launching an IPO on the London Stock Market at the year 2022’s end.

The range of these companies The range of these businesses The variety of these businesses – Estate as well as Luxury Hotel Developments, Properties and Investments, Real Estate Brokerage and Construction, Financial and Management Consultancy, Marketing and Design Applications, Software Business Applications, Online Retailing as well as Education and Training Services Show off the synchronized ability and focused mind of an exceptional individual.

Success From an Early Age

As a teenager living in Kuwait, Ahmed Dahab was a very successful student and achieved high grades in college. At the age of 19, he set up his first business buying, assembling, and selling computer parts; three years later, he expanded this business to start selling electronics as well as computers, similar in both concept and size to Currys and PC World.

In the interim, he continued to pursue his further education at the Arab University (affiliated with the University of London) and completed his degree in Economics.

He later ventured into other businesses which proved to be extraordinarily successful. This earned him the respect of his backers, who eventually became investors in his other business ventures.

Ahmed Dahab
Real Estate Marketing
Real Estate Marketing

Entering the Real Estate Market

Ahmed Dahab then entered the Dubai real estate market, where his companies Star Neighbourhood and Expert Neighbourhood undertook and successfully completed high-end, large-scale residential and commercial projects such as Sustainable Villas, Jumeirah One, and Jumeirah Two in the UAE. At the same time, he expanded his business to another booming property market: Turkey.

He started to buy land along the Aegean cost of Turkey, adjacent to the Greek coast, where he could apply his vision of high ROI for his investors. The land in southwest Turkey was good value for money; the steel, the concrete and the labour were local; and the tourism industry was booming.

In 2014, his mega-projects in Turkey – Neighbourhood City and Neighbourhood Residence – were launched, with a combined total value of 169 million KWD ($559 million dollars).

Neighbourhood City, which was developed by his real estate development and management company Right Brain, consists of 60 blocks of towers built on a vacant lot. Most of the buildings had 10 floors with four flats each, while the rest of them had 15 floors. The 60 blocks contained 2,500 two-bedroom apartments. There was also an extra piece of land inside the project where 20 more buildings could be built.

Combined with Neighbourhood Residence, also developed by Right Brain, both projects consist of around 3,360 apartments, including a deluxe spa hotel. This five-star hotel is near completion and is expected to be operational in the summer of 2022. Another five-star hotel will be built in Istanbul, Turkey and this project will commence in 2023.

Dahab's Mega Project

To promote the mega project, the company signed a contract with the number one football star in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo – to be its media face. The footballer cost the company £2 million pounds, but it was money well-spent as the media campaign earned the company £60 million pounds in the first four months alone.

The deal was brave, magnificent, and risky, but once again – thanks to a successful advertising project, and with a new marketing strategy – Ahmed Dahab achieved a massive success.

He later ventured into other businesses which proved to be extraordinarily successful. This earned him respect from his backers, who eventually became investors in his other business ventures. By 2011, the success of his various enterprises elevated his status to the magical millionaire’s club.  As his business success continued to flow, he now had the opportunity to move in amongst the country’s elite social circles – the political fraternity and the ruling class – where he made many loyal friends.

Ahmed Dahab

New Wealth

We all know that the GDP of a nation is based on the total value of goods and services produced/moved during a given period, and that if this production and movement ceased, then businesses and the economy would go into recession.

The total global economic output is specific and fixed, and what’s happening is that times are always changing and that the growth of countries and the rise of a surplus trade balance is necessarily followed by a deficit in the trade balance of other countries.

But if that is the case, then the total global economy would have been the same for thousands of years; this is contrary to the reality and truth. There is an increase in the long-term global GDP that can cope with the permanent population growth in the world; it is a cause and a consequence for it. And it is also asserted by the saying of Allah almighty; (And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, we are [its] expander).

There is new wealth created over time that can cope with the population and economic growth that necessitate covering the living needs of food, housing, goods, services, basic and job opportunities.

So how is this new wealth created?

The answer is simple; Innovation.

Only Innovation can create new wealth and add real value to the world economy, and also give the opportunities to those who wish to establish and compete in markets which are increasingly and unfairly being protected by those who already own the largest slice of the pie.

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